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Qualified, passionate teachers, large outdoor spaces, transition to school programmes and 20 ECE hours each week.

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Monday-Friday 7.30am - 5.30pm
* Daily charge applies.

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55 Bankwood Rd, Hamilton


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Whilst set in the grounds of Fairfield College you do not have to be affiliated with the College to have your child attend Fairfield Early Education Waikato. All families are welcome!

We have a small adult/child ratio with registered teachers, who focus on extending the children’s interests and presenting a challenging and stimulating programme appropriate to each individual child’s progress.

  • Provide inclusive, high quality early education and childcare.
  • Commitment to reflect our bicultural heritage.
  • Value family/whānau and centre partnership.
  • Warm & welcoming qualified staff who are passionate about caring and learning.
  • Teachers work with infants so that routines and a strong sense of belonging is nurtured.
  • Well resourced and grassed outdoor play area.
  • Learning is based on the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki.
  • Transition to school programme.

We believe that children’s learning and development is fostered if the well-being of their family, community and culture is supported, so the teaching team are committed to working in partnership with parents and whanau. It is important that parents and whanau have  a sense of belonging in our environment. We welcome parents spending time in the centre and value their contribution in all aspects of their children’s learning journey.

"Awesome place that my child loves; looks forward to each time. It's a good feeling knowing your child is happy when you leave."

- Family Survey

"Child-initiated play is enriched through teachers' engagement alongside children, attuned questioning and listening to children's ideas"

- ERO Report

"Great teachers and my child loves there. She always feels welcomed and valued."

- Family Survey

Our qualified staff carefully plan programmes that fulfil the early childhood curriculum. We aim to ensure children are competent, confident and successful learners. Children will learn and develop:

  • A strong foundation in reading, writing and maths
  • Art, creativity, music and dance skills
  • An understanding of sustainability and their environment
  • The importance of New Zealand's heritage
  • Social skills, behaviour management and manners
  • Self confidence
  • Learning skills such as independence, creativity and curiosity
  • Friendships that may last throughout their schooling
  • Relationships with consistent, familiar teachers
  • To understand and operate within a structured routine

Teachers provide learning extensions that prepare you child for school which include numeracy & numbers, literacy & language, nature & science, computers & technology, puzzles & games, creative arts, sand & water play, trips, transition to school programme, child friendships… and more!

Children work together at mat time to share daily information, stories, songs, movement, drama & waiata, etc.

A typical daily learning routine

Note: Infants have a primary caregiver who will know and follow your child's unique routine (eg. when to sleep, preferred wrap).

7.30am - Welcome children & family/whānau
Activities/Child led learning
9.15am - Mat Time Hui
9.30am - Morning Tea Kai
Activities/Child led learning
11.15am - Mat Time Hui
11.30am - Lunch Time Kai
12.00pm - Sleep (or rest for non-sleepers)
Activities/Child led learning
2.15pm - Mat Time Hui
2.30pm - Afternoon Tea Kai
Activities/Child led learning
5.00pm - Ligh Snack Kai
5.30pm - Farewell children Haere rā


Walkthrough of Fairfield Early Education Centre

Feedback from one of our parents

Pepi Room - Lead Teacher Nina

Teina Room - Lead Teacher Louise

Andrea Andrea

Centre Manager

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